Categories to Consider When Buying a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit California

Wine is one of those rare products that requires a proper storage environment in order to maintain and enhance its quality for a prolonged period of time.  Most wine collectors invest in a climate controlled wine cellar, where they can keep their wine collection under ideal climate conditions.  Regardless of its size, a wine storage room must be properly insulated and sealed, to ensure that the required storage conditions are achieved and maintained.

Wine Collection and Proper Wine Storage

Wine Collection and Proper Wine Storage

The optimal wine storage temperature is a constant 50°F to 55°F, and the humidity levels should be within 60% to 70%.  Constant temperature swings can negatively affect the aging process and eventually ruin the quality of wines.  Corks dry out when exposed to low humidity levels, while too much humidity can damage wine bottle labels.

An efficient wine cellar cooling system is one of the most crucial components of successfully cellaring wines.  Wine cellar refrigeration units are specially designed to create the best wine storage environment, by regulating temperature and humidity at constant levels.  Installing the proper climate control system will efficiently cool a wine cellar, with low energy consumption and little intervention.

There are several categories to consider when deciding on a refrigeration system for a custom wine cellar.  These categories are quality, features, design, cooling capacity, and customer service.  Choosing an efficient and reliable cooling unit ensures the proper aging and preservation of wines for years to come.

  1. Quality 

Investing in high quality wine cellar climate control system is critical to long-term wine storage. Wine cellar cooling systems of excellent quality offer superior performance and reliability, which ensures the consistency and stability of the temperature and humidity inside a custom wine room.  Just remember, don’t compromise quality in favor of affordability.

  1. Features

Choose a wine cellar refrigeration unit that provides many useful and unique features, such as manual or digital temperature controls, or a liquid measuring thermostat system.  Cooling systems that are equipped with digital temperature controls allow collectors to adjust or preset temperature levels according to their preference.  A liquid measuring thermostat measures actual conditions using a bottle probe, thus accurately preserving the ideal storage wine cellar environment.

  1. Design

Design is another important category to consider when choosing a wine cellar cooling unit.  A cooling system should not only regulate climate conditions, but also blend well with the existing wine cellar design.  Wall-mounted and split systems are available for collectors who want to maximize the total bottle capacity of their wine storage space, while ducted units are ideal for those who prefer the complete absence of any mechanical equipment in their wine cellar.

  1. Cooling Capacity

Factors. such as the location of the wine cellar, room size, ambient conditions, and the size of the wine collection must be taken into account, to ensure that the refrigeration system has the proper cooling capacity to provide the best possible environment for storing and aging wines.  Some climate control systems are designed to cool small to medium sized wine rooms, while others are purpose built for large wine cellars.  (Check out the different options for wine cellar cooling systems and their cooling capacity).

  1. Customer Service

Choose to do business with a wine cellar refrigeration company that provides excellent customer service and support.  In case of a refrigeration system breakdown, immediate repair and maintenance service should be available without hassle.  Providing quick resolutions to cooling unit problems helps prevent damage to a wine collection, which may arise due to equipment malfunction or breakdown.

HVAC cooling and heating services are necessary for climate controlled wine cellars, to make sure that the ideal environment conditions are provided.  HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.  It is a technology that provides environmental comfort for indoor spaces.

Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Unit California

There are three major wine cellar cooling system types:  self-contained cooling systems, ductless split refrigeration systems, and ducted split climate control systems.  Although each cooling system provides its own unique features and advantages, all are specially engineered to reliably and efficiently cool a wine storage space.

A self-contained cooling system is a one-piece unit that is designed for simple through the wall installation.  This refrigeration unit exhausts fan noise and hot air to an adjacent room.  In order to contain the heat coming from the unit, the room must be of the same size (or larger) than the wine cellar itself, and has excellent ventilation.

A ductless split refrigeration system ‘splits’ the evaporator unit from the condensing unit, thus offering versatility in installation options, as well as efficiency in performance.  Separating the units allows the noisiest part of the equipment (the condensing unit) to be placed in a remote location, while the evaporator unit is installed inside the wine room.  The units are connected by electrical wiring and small copper tubing.

Ducted split climate control systems provide the same advantages as ductless split units.  The only difference is that both the evaporator unit and condensing unit can be located remotely.  Ducting systems are used to distribute cool air into the wine room and to exhaust heat to the outdoors.

Choosing a Wine Cellar Specialist

Consulting with a wine cellar specialist is highly recommended when deciding on a wine cellar refrigeration unit for your wine storage facility.  They can help clients determine the right type of cooling system by performing an HVAC load calculation.  As soon as the proper BTU (British thermal unit) has been ascertained, wine cellar specialists provides their clients with a set of cooling solutions that will suit their storage environment.

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