Coastal and Arctic Team Up in a Wine Cellar Construction Project in California 

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Arctic Metalworks Inc. teamed up to build a beautiful storage room in Irvine, California.

Arctic Metalworks Inc. is one of the most trusted HVAC specialists in California. We recently worked with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, a leading wine storage construction company, to create an effective and efficient wine room for a client in Irvine, a city in Orange County. A team of builders from Coastal built the structure, while our team of cooling experts installed the refrigeration system.

Uniquely Designed Custom Wine Cellar Built Using Lacquer Finished Redwood

The durability and aesthetic appeal of any wine cellar largely depends on the type of wood used for its construction. There are various kinds of wood species on the market, but the most popular choices are Mahogany, Pine, Walnut, Redwood, and Sapele. The client, together with the contractors, decided to use Redwood for the Irvine residential wine room project.

Redwood is a high-quality type of wood. It is known for its natural oils that make it highly resistant to moisture and mildew. Redwood it also a top choice among cellar owners because of its soft earth tones. These color distinctions develop beautifully over time.

Click to see larger image!There are many clients who opt to leave Redwood unstained or unfinished. This is alright because this type of wood is gorgeous with or without any stain or finish applied. But the client in the Irvine construction project chose to have his racking and shelves lacquer finished. He consulted the expert builders from Coastal, and they approved his request. It is important to consult a wine storage specialist regarding the application of a stain or finish, because there are various kinds on the market (e.g. polyurethane, varnish, shellac, and lacquer) but not all of them are compatible with all kinds of wood.

The team of wine room builders from Coastal applied lacquer on the home cellar’s wooden racks and shelves. Lacquer is a great choice for Redwood, because it makes the soft earth tones more pronounced. It also gives the wood a strong, but elegant gloss. A lot of cellar owners love lacquer also because of its durability. The Irvine residential wine cellar became more vibrant with color after the application of lacquer. The client was very pleased with the result.

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One of the reasons why this wine cellar construction project was successful is the healthy working relationship between the client and the contractors. There was open communication and a free exchange of ideas throughout the working phase of the project. For example, the client suggested to the team of builders from Coastal to have the wooden case storage shelves installed on commercial rollers. This setup was a good idea because it made the bottles more accessible to the client. He no longer had to bend down to get wines from the cases. Instead, he simply had to pull the boxes out by sliding them across the rollers.

Wooden shelves on the market come in various sizes. These commercial cases can fit anywhere from six to twelve bottles, depending on their design. Instead of purchasing wood storage boxes, Coastal custom-built cases for the Irvine wine cellar. Each of these shelves was designed to have openings that were adequately large to store bottles of various sizes, including large format wines, like Turley Zinfandels, Shiraz, Oregon Pinots, and standard Champagnes.

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The construction team from Coastal created a display row in one of the shelves and lined it with LED lighting. The client loved this display row because it accentuated the overall design of the cellar, and it helped him manage his bottles more efficiently. The client’s collection could easily be organized by storing similar bottles above and below the display row.

Click to see larger image!Originally, the storage room had a mini cellar on one side where the client kept bottles that needed to be stored at a cooler temperature. The client gave the mini cellar away, and the area where it used to stand was then an empty space. The builders from Coastal came back to the client’s home to make more single bottle storage racks. These custom racks will be used to fill the vacant area where the mini cellar used to be.

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Arctic Metalworks Inc. Installs an Efficient Cellar Cooling System in the Irvine Residential Wine Room

Click to see larger image!A wine storage structure is incomplete without a refrigeration system installed. It is with a dependable cooling unit that a cellar can provide its stock with the ideal temperature and humidity required to protect them from spoilage. Each wine room has unique storage requirements. This means that each cellar needs a different HVAC unit. The appropriate cooling unit for a storage space depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the room, the number of bottles stored, and the climate of the region. To best determine the most suitable HVAC system for any cellar, an HVAC specialist must be consulted. The client in the Irvine cellar construction project sought the help of the cooling experts from Arctic Metalworks Inc. Our team of refrigeration technicians helped the client choose the right equipment for his cellar.

Arctic Metalworks’ professional HVAC technicians installed a ductless split type refrigeration system for the Irvine residential wine cellar. The evaporating unit was mounted on the wall of the storage room, while the condenser was placed outside of the house. This split system setup was beneficial for the client because there was no hot air exhausted anywhere in his home. Also, the client loved that the fan coil was operating quietly in his cellar.

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Since the cooling equipment was very mechanical-looking in nature, the client wanted it to be hidden from view. A louvered grill, made from the same type of wood that the racks and shelves were built from, was created to cover the evaporator.

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