Newport Beach, Orange County Construction Project—Basement Wine Cellar Requires the Replacement of WhisperKool Cooling Units—Why to Never Use Standard HVAC Contractors

Replacement of WhisperKool Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Units in Orange County
Wine refrigeration systems play a crucial role in proper wine preservation. Choosing the wrong contractor will result in wine storage problems and significant expense in the future due to poor installation. In Newport Beach, we were called in to help with a large 5000-square foot home custom basement wine cellar that needed it’s cooling unit replaced. Construction projects like this are all too common here in Orange County, as HVAC contractors are often installing cooling units incorrectly in wine rooms and cabinets.

Why Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Must be Installed by a Reliable HVAC Contractor

David Gype, Owner of Arctic Metalworks

David Gype, Owner of Arctic Metalworks Orange County HVAC Contractor

Wine requires a stable environment to age well before it is ready for consumption. This is the main reason the correct wine refrigeration system must be installed in your wine cellar.

Regular air conditioning units are not designed to maintain the optimum conditions required for proper wine aging.

In addition to choosing the wrong type of refrigeration system, another common mistake by the owners of residential and commercial establishments is getting a sub-standard heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor because they want to pay less on the labor cost and/or they thought that the technician would understand how to install the unit correctly. The wrong choice of contractor will cause storage and technical problems in the future.

As one of the most reliable wine cellar refrigeration contractors in Southern California, Arctic Metalworks has proven their reliability in providing full HVAC services for two decades.

The Arctic team cares for their client’s wine investment. Their wine cellar cooling products are of high quality and superior performance, and they guarantee correct installations, maintenance, and replacement.

A homeowner recently contacted Arctic Metalworks because she encountered problems as a result of choosing an inexperienced HVAC contractor.

About the Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Replacement Project in a 2.5 Million Dollar Home in Orange County, California

Luxurious Home Wine Cellar Orange County

Luxurious Home Wine Cellar Orange County

This custom wine cellar was built by another contractor who installed the wine cooling unit completely wrong.

The client has an existing custom wine cellar in her 5,000-square foot residential property. The owner’s main objective of having a wine room is to create a focal point in her home.

Located in the basement, the luxurious design of the wine room will wow anyone who sees it. Her small collection of fine wines is displayed impressively in metal wine racks. The cellar is illuminated with beautiful lighting.

The wine room was designed and built by another contractor. However, she encountered problems with her wine cellar refrigeration system. She found our website and contacted David Gype, the owner of Arctic Metalworks.

Why the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Needed a Replacement

Orange County Home Wine Cooling Unit replacement Project

Orange County Home Wine Cooling Unit Replacement Project

Wine cellar cooling is one of the most important aspects of proper wine storage. It must be done by a trained technician who knows all the technical specifications required for the installation of the refrigeration unit.

Recently, Arctic Metalworks completed a cooling unit replacement construction project in a basement wine cellar in Orange County. The original construction company installed a WhisperKool LRC system.

Orange County Home where we Replaced the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Because of Wrong Installation

Orange County Home where we Replaced the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Because of Wrong Installation

However, he only understood regular air conditioning. He installed the wine cooling unit completely wrong. The unit only lasted about a year after the warranty.

The contractor bought an LRC coil online, and they actually built it into the structure of the wine cellar itself. Because of this, the owner couldn’t get into it, couldn’t even repair it, or replace it.

Anything mechanical has to be accessible so you can take the panels off, change motors, change controls, etc. The AC contractor failed to do so.

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Efficient and Quiet Climate-Control System from Arctic Metalworks

Mechanical Room Used for the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Replacement Project Orange County CA

Mechanical Room Used for the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Replacement Project Orange County CA

Copper Lines that Go to the Outdoor Unit

Copper Lines that Go to the Outdoor Unit

To solve the problem, we replaced the old wine cooling system with an Arctic 0050 ducted system.

With this type of cooling system, no equipment is visible inside the cellar, so you can expect a quiet operation and less vibration.

The unit can be placed in an area away from the cellar without compromising the cooling efficiency of the system.

Mechanical Room with Owner's Files and Water Heater

Mechanical Room with Owner’s Files and Water Heater

It makes use of air ducts for proper air circulation inside the cellar.

Wine Cellar Cooling Uint Drain

Wine Cellar Cooling Uint Drain

On this project, we placed the coil in a mechanical room, where the owner’s water heater and two more air conditioning systems are kept.

Ideally, the mechanical room should meet the safety requirements. In this home, all the rooms have fire sprinklers and smoke detectors, so finding an exhaust room was not a problem.

We created the refrigeration line set that goes to an area outdoor.

The cooling equipment has a capacity of ½ horse power and a 134A system (ozone-friendly refrigerant). Ozone-friendly refrigerants help save our Mother Earth by preventing global warming.

Special Request from the Client

Thermostat of Arctic 0050 Ducted System with Wi-Fi Capability

Thermostat of Arctic 0050 Ducted System with Wi-Fi Capability

In addition to the custom wine cellar cooling unit replacement in Orange County, the client had another request. She wants to be able to walk by the cellar on her day-to-day activities and see the room’s temperature without going inside.

The old thermostat, which was inside the cellar, was behind where the supply and return vents were. What we did was to replace the old thermostat and placed the new thermostat outside of the cellar.

This way, they can monitor the temperature of the wine cellar conveniently, as they walk by the room. It can be changed, maintained, and serviced as well.

Features of the Wine Cooling System Thermostat

Another feature of the digital thermostat is Wi-Fi capability, which allows the owner to check how her wine cellar is doing wherever she is, if she has an Internet connection.

This gives her peace of mind because she can always monitor whether her wine storage facility is in a stable condition or not.

Supply and Return Vents in Newport Beach, Orange County Basement Wine Cellar Construction Project

Return Vent Located Low Inside the Wine Cellar Orange County Cooling Unit Replacement Project

Return Vent Located Low Inside the Wine Cellar Orange County Cooling Unit Replacement Project

Why does the supply need to be high and the return low? Vents need to be kept as far apart as possible so that cold air does not blow straight to the return vent.

The cold air is heavy, so it falls to the ground, then it creates a nice loop, making the room more of a convection type of cooling process.

We didn’t try to cut the wood to create new vents because it would have been too difficult. So, we kept the wood as is and made it look nicer than before.

Contact a Full-Service Professional Orange County Wine Cellar Cooling Construction Company

The owner of a luxurious wine cellar in Orange County, California, experienced wine storage problems and had a significant expense because of hiring the wrong wine cooling contractor.

If you’re planning to start a new project like this Newport Beach basement project, Arctic Metalworks will help you with all your wine cellar cooling and construction needs. Contact us today in Orange County at +1 (714) 251-6875.