California Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Systems Project – Aliso Viejo

Arctic just completed a new refrigerated wine cellar construction project for the Barns Family in Aliso Viejo California.

Large Custom Wine Cellars Need Quality Refrigeration Systems

Large Custom Wine Cellars Need Quality Refrigeration SystemsThis Custom Wine Cellar was pretty big, approximately 12 feet by 10 feet. Custom wine cellars like this require a very good quality refrigeration system as a room that size will typically hold a lot of wine. Large wine collections like this can hold many thousands of dollars of wine so a failure in the cooling system can have dire consequences.

It is for this reason that Arctic Metalworks installed a commercial grade 1,000 wine cellar cooling system. The whole refrigeration system comprised of a one half horse power coil and evaporator. This type of cooling system is called a ductless split system. The two main components of the refrigeration system, the coil and the evaporator, are connected by copper tubing and electrical wiring called a line set. Unlike with a ducted system, these are generally easy to run though a home without causing disruption. This also makes for an efficient and surprisingly quiet system.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Out of Site and Out of Earshot!

We located the coil out of sight above the entrance door and further concealed it behind a purpose built louvered enclosure. The enclosure was specially constructed in the same wood as the wine racking to make for a seamless look to the wine room. The evaporator was installed unobtrusively in a side yard with a 30 foot line set.

Wine and Beer on Tap and it’s Party Time

Wine and Beer on Tap and it's Wine Cellar Party TimeAn unusual and fun feature in the residential wine cellar was the installation of a set of beer taps. This client liked to entertain and throw parties, so wanted to be able to cater to all types of people, even beer lovers.

We created a stunning stonework feature on the walls and put their beer tap connection through the wall into the garage where the beer was to actually be stored. With the wine cellar itself was created as a secured room, apparently this idea was to also enable them to make sure the kids didn’t partake of the beers on offer when no one was looking. Not that kids a likely to do that of course!

California Wine Cellar Construction Dream Team!

As is usual on wine cellar projects like this, we teamed up with specialist wine cellar builder Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and a general contractor Dave Larkin. The client felt that three of us made up their dream team for wine cellar construction.

Having worked together many times we are very confident that any wine cellar that can be dreamed up by a client, we can make it happen, even when on a limited budget like this project. Between us we can pretty much do any phase of construction in a residential home without calling in additional contractors.