Laguna Beach California Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Installation

Want to make sure your wines do not spoil easily? You must invest in a quality wine storage room. A cellar cooling unit is an essential part of any wine storage structure, because it is responsible for providing the room with the temperature and humidity that is needed to prevent wines from spoiling. A poorly functioning cooling system is just as damaging to wines as not having any refrigeration unit installed at all. Hire a cooling expert like Arctic Metalworks to install your piece of cellar cooling equipment, in order to make sure that the unit will function properly.  

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project by Arctic Metalworks

Arctic Metalworks recently completed a wine room refrigeration project in Laguna Beach, California. A team of cooling experts replaced and upgraded essential HVAC parts. These were performed in an attempt to increase the longevity and decrease the noise of the existing California wine cellar cooling equipment.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Parts of the Cooling Unit that Were Replaced

The team of HVAC technicians replaced an LRC evaporator coil with an Arctic 0025 1/4 hp evaporator coil, for ultra-quiet and efficient operation. The R-134 condensing unit was still in good condition, so they decided to retain that particular component of wine cellar refrigeration systems.

Had it been an R-22 refrigerant, the Arctic team would have recommended a full replacement of the unit, in order to make the residential wine cellar cooling system EPA compliant.

R-22 refrigerants are ozone depleting substances that are being phased out by the EPA due to their negative environmental impact. R-134a based California wine cellar cooling units are green gas alternatives that have significantly lower ozone layer depletion potential, unlike their HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbon) counterparts.


California Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Installation

California Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Installation

Parts of the Refrigeration System that Were Upgraded

Besides replacement of certain parts, the Arctic Metalworks team also upgraded some elements of the piece of equipment. The residential wine cellar cooling unit’s small chap pump, for example, was upgraded to a high quality A/C condensate pump. This enhancement enables the cooling system to empty condensation water into a water pipe.

Upgrading to commercial grade pump equipment helps prevent water leaks from occurring. Jerry from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is in charge of designing and constructing the enclosure for the California wine cellar cooling.

Hire an HVAC Professional to Provide Installation and Maintenance Services for Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Arctic Metalworks is the leading manufacturer and installer of cost effective and reliable wine cellar refrigeration systems in Southern California. They provide commercial grade wine room refrigeration equipment to residential and commercial applications, along with a full service team of technicians, should maintenance and repair ever be required.

Arctic Metalworks Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert

Arctic Metalworks Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert

The company is a family owned and operated multi-division business that not only provides wine cellar refrigeration systems, but also wine cellar construction and renovation, as well as custom designed wine racking systems.

As the wine cellar refrigeration gurus of SoCal, Arctic Metalworks also conducts replacements to and upgrades of existing commercial or residential wine cellar cooling units.

For more information about their services, contact them at + (714) 251-6875!