Maintenance and Service Plans Protect Orange County Wine Cellars from Death by Dirt and Leaks

Many people build wine cellars here in Orange County without thinking about the importance of a maintenance plan. Anytime you have a refrigeration system and there’s a flow of air, the system is going to get dirty. This means that your cooling unit will die unless you have a regular service plan in place. See this great video series from David Gype on all things related to maintaining your wine cellar here in the Southern California area.

Read Part 1: Why You Need a Service Plan for Your Wine Cellar

Or watch the video here:


Why You Need a WINE CELLAR **Service Plan**

Read Part 2: The Service Plan Checklist

Or watch the video here:


**Wine Cellar** Service Plan Basics for *Orange County*

Read Part 3: Commercial Wine Cellar Maintenance and Service

Or watch the video here:
*Maintenance Tips* for Commercial WINE CELLARS