Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Units—Built for You; Built to Last

Custom Wine Cellars with Refrigeration Units by Arctic Metalworks in Orange County, CaliforniaMany people who own commercial and residential wine cellars here in the Los Angeles and Orange County area are surprised to find out that the fancy looking, name brand cooling unit that they purchased isn’t built to last more than a couple of years. We see these customers on the flip side of that purchase when they call us to repair or fix their problems; many of these systems can be quite expensive to fix. Learn more about our custom climate-control cooling units, built with the best refrigeration components in the world.

With 5 Decades of Quality HVAC Experience, We Approach Wine Cellar Cooling Differently

In business for 50 years installing and building commercial and home heating and refrigeration systems of every kind, we at Arctic Metalworks Inc. began installing cooling units in wine cellars a number of years ago. As we looked at the refrigeration systems that were available on the market to end consumers from popular brands we were concerned with the level of quality that was out in the marketplace.

Custom Refrigeration Unit for Wine Cellars by Arctic Metalworks Inc

Custom wine cellar refrigeration system by Arctic Metalworks Inc., designed to last at least 10 years without any serious maintenance.

Unsatisfied with the options available from manufactures, we began custom building our own wine cellar refrigeration systems, built from the best components that we knew existed by the best manufactures in the climate control industry.

Evaporators by the Most Trusted Name in the Industry

You Won’t Go Wrong With the Very Best and Quietest Condensing Unit for Your Wine Cellar

Most of our systems are split systems, which means that the evaporator coil and condenser are separated—the evaporator is inside the structure, and the condenser is outside either in a mechanical room or outside the building. We look to Copeland to supply us with condensing units, which are the very best that money can buy. They are also the most quiet.

>>>See this Orange County basement wine cellar construction project where we had to replace a WhisperKool refrigeration unit.

Custom Built Wine Cellar Cooling for Your Storage Space

One of the big advantages we’ve found from building our systems is that we know we can build systems to meet the very specific needs of the wine cellar that we are working on at the time. There’s no jerry-rigging a unit to “make it work” for a system. When you buy a wine cellar cooling unit from Arctic Metalworks Inc., it’s a one of a kind system, built specifically for your room, closet, or cabinet’s heating, cooling, and humidification needs.

Build a Wine Cellar System, Built For a Decade

Wine Storage by Arctic Metalworks in Los AngelesWe know that the wine cellar refrigeration units that we build for our clients will last, without any major problems for at least 10 years. We strongly recommend a maintenance plan to keep your superior cooling system running as it should. With the right care, we expect no callbacks. We stand by the quality of our work. Isn’t that what you’d expect from an expert wine cellar builder?

Not Just Wine Cellar Refrigeration Experts

At Arctic Metalworks Inc. here in Southern California, we aren’t just HVAC technicians and experts. We also build full custom wine cellars. One of the most important decisions you make in building a wine cellar is the cooling system. Our expertise can help you design a beautiful dream wine cellar, whether modern, rustic, traditional, or antique.

Call the Orange County Cooling Contractors You Can Trust

We have a long legacy of doing business here in Orange County. Our name stands for great customer service, superior quality, and a fair price, always offering a great value. When you call us you know you’re working with a California company that will take care of you and make sure that you get GREAT wine cellar refrigeration system that preserves your wine for years to come, perfectly, consistently, and beautifully. Call us NOW!