Custom Wine Cellars Are the Key to Passionate Collecting

Wine cellar built by Arctic Metalworks

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Wine lovers have many options when collecting and storing wine. If they have a few bottles they’re keeping for a short time, a wine refrigerator will do. Maybe as their collection grows, a wine cabinet, either by a manufacturer, or custom built by a contractor will suffice. But every wine lover here in Southern California dreams of someday installing a custom wine cellar (ideally including a tasting room) in their home. This is the optimal method of storing and enjoying wine long-term. If you own a commercial property that sells wine, adding a custom wine display is a must in today’s competitive marketplace.

Wine Needs to be Kept in the Ideal Storage Conditions

If you enjoy collecting wine, you should know that it is a requirement to have a proper storage structure built for your collection. If you own a business that sells wine, you need to hire a contractor to construct a commercial wine room to protect your wine investments from spoilage. Wine collectors, whether for personal consumption or for business, have various storage options to choose from. Whether they opt for a wine fridge, a cabinet, or a cellar, the important consideration is the ability of that space to provide their collection with the ideal conditions.

An effective wine room should have a temperature within 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity within 60% to 70%. There should also be minimal to no fluctuations in these levels. When wine is kept outside the ideal levels, it will spoil easily. Investing in a wine storage structure is necessary if you intend to collect wine.

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The Advantages of Choosing Custom Designed Wine Cellars in California

Building a **Custom Wine Cellar** in Southern CALIFORNIA?

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More and more people are having wine cellars built in their own homes these days, especially those who love holding wine parties with their family and friends. It is highly recommended to have your residential wine room custom-designed instead of purchasing ready-made ones. If you want to have a wine storage structure built with flexible features that meet your preferences and personality, you should consider purchasing a custom cellar.

Businesses that sell wine should also consider having their wine display customized instead of purchasing ready-made types. With custom designs, entrepreneurs can choose to make their wine cellar unique from those of their competitors. A standout wine room will give your business an edge in the marketplace.

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The following are three of the major advantages of hiring a contractor to build a custom wine cellar:

1. You Get a Wine Cellar With Features That Suit Your Preference.

Wine cellars come in various designs. When you purchase a ready-made cellar, you only choose from the design options available. Some choices won’t give you the features that you want for your storage space. Customization allows you to have your wine cellar designed according to your preferences.

Some people want to have their cellar made from Mahogany, while others want theirs to be built from Redwood. There are cellar owners who want to have racks that can fit large-sized bottles, while others prefer to have regular sized racks only. With custom cellars, you can have all the features you want added and have all the elements that you don’t like removed.

If you plan to have a residential or commercial wine room built, choose to have custom cellars instead of purchasing ready-made ones. There are many custom wine cellar builders in California. Hire one that is reputable and trusted by many homeowners and wine entrepreneurs to construct their dependable storage structures as well as a high-quality refrigeration system. A good contractor can help you create a cellar, custom-built to suit your design preference.

Whether you plan to have a residential wine cellar built or you intend to invest on a storage for your wine business, you should consider hiring a contractor to build your wine room. Custom wine cellar allow you to choose what features to include according to your preferences.

Whether you plan to have a residential wine cellar built, or you intend to invest in storage for your wine business, you should consider hiring a specialist contractor to build your wine room. Custom wine cellars allow you to choose what features to include according to your preferences.

2. Have the Custom Cellar’s Size Fit Your Wine Storage Needs.

The size of your wine cellar is important to consider. The dimensions of your wine room depend on the number of bottles you intend to store. You need to be careful in deciding on how large you want your cellar to be, because its size will determine the racking you need to purchase and the cooling unit that you will have to install. It would be difficult to find the perfect size of storage structure you want from ready-made wine cellars. You can get the right size you need if you have a wine room custom-designed to meet your needs.

Custom cellars come in many shapes, sizes, and types. Don’t think that if you don’t have a room in a basement to dedicate to the project that you can’t have a wine storage system. Very often we install custom wine cabinets, or wine closets. Consult with an expert and you’ll be surprised at the options that are available.

Arctic Metalworks Inc. is a full service custom wine cellar builder here in Southern California. We started in the wine storage business installing wine cellar cooling and refrigeration systems, which we are experts at. But in recent years we’ve become a turnkey operation that can coordinate your entire wine cellar construction project. It’s wise to work with a cooling specialist when building a structure where the climate control is vital to its performance.

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3. Manage the Cellar’s Construction Expenses Within Your Budget.

Having a wine cellar built will cost money but it is a worthy investment, because your wine collection will be protected from damage. Custom wine cellars are more cost effective because ready-made storage rooms come with unnecessary features that you may not want. Have your wine room custom designed, so that you can choose what elements to include in the design, according to your available budget.

It is wise to talk to your wine cellar designer on how much you are willing to spend for the building of your storage space. A prudent custom cellar builder in California will adjust the construction plan according to your budget. With custom-designed cellars, you can invest your money into the areas of the wine room that has most value to you.