Installing A Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling System

There are some sounds we hear which automatically bring a sense of well-being and relaxation.  

The sound of crickets late at night, the ocean gently lapping on a sand beach, the evaporator coil in your wine cellar smacking against the wall. 

Wait. What? 

The annoying sound of an evaporator coil thumping inside of your cellar is NOT a soothing sound. But depending on who you use to design and install your wine cellar cooling system, you could end up with a multi–level noise disaster every time you step inside. We are guessing this is not on your list of Top 10 Hits. 

Arctic Metalworks: Masters of Quiet Wine Cellar Mechanics 

Arctic knows you didn’t invest in a custom wine cellar just to have the mechanical noise make you wish you were somewhere else. A wine cellar is a place of ambiance and charm. When you step inside you should feel transported to a unique environment, free from care – and frankly – every day noises.  

Not every installer understands how to make this happen. But Arctic does. 

Deep Sea Newport Project 

This home in beautiful Deep Sea Newport is a perfect example.  

Installing a quiet wine cellar cooling system in this home took some genius planning by Arctic Metalworks



Arctic was hired to install the mechanical systems for the new wine cellar. They were given very specific instructions that there was to be NO noise in the wine cellar itself.  

This was a challenging request since all wine cellar equipment will make noise. It can be caused by something as simple as the friction of air being pushed through a duct. Since wine cellar cooling units are all about air movement, David and his team had to figure out how to do the impossible. 






As specialists in refrigeration equipment installation, Arctic knows that every home has a specific signature. David and his team will maintain that signature through their attention to detail and style.






 Let’s Look at Some Facts  

The amount of noise from a wine cellar cooling system is determined by several factors.  One factor is how often that unit needs to run.  A typical system will need to run anywhere from 50 to 70% of the time in order to maintain the temperatures needed for wine storage. That’s a lot of noise in a 24 hour day.  

Another factor is what kind of system is used. A single unit system will likely cause more noise, therefor split-system units are the choice when noise-reduction is a necessity.  

So if that is the case, what split system is best? 

Arctic will look at the potential mechanical systems with a “big-picture” lens. They have learned over the years that you don’t just toss any old wine cellar cooling system into a custom wine cellar. “Custom” means that the cellar comes with its own unique disposition. Before any decisions are made, several factors have to be taken into consideration. These include; 

  • the size of the space 
  • the construction of the walls 
  • the amount of insulation used 
  • the proximity of the cellar walls to the sun’s heat 
  • use of a vapor barrier  
  • the materials used in the doors 
  • what kind of lighting is used inside the cellar 


Beyond The Facts

To make this wine cellar as quiet as possible, Arctic used high pressure and 10 two inch ducts in the cellar

So if Arctic was tasked with the impossible – how did they do it?

From outside the finished cellar looking in, you’d be hard pressed to see any evidence of mechanical equipment. That’s the minimum in good design and technical know-how. The maximum is the ingenious low-profile ducting. Here’s the story, in a nutshell.

A Perfect Solution

After taking all the variables into consideration, Arctic devised a game-plan. First, they made the decision to go with a Unicom high static pressure forced air unit. These units are ducted, split systems – and known for their quiet operation. Still, they didn’t want to take any chances. For this project in Deep Sea Newport, they put the coil in an equipment room about 40 feet from the cellar, then ran the ducting through the space between the floors.  In the cellar itself, ten 2” ducts were installed. Those ten ducts ensured that the temperatures would be completely even throughout the cellar, and that the cellar would be completely silent – as the owners requested.

The seamless ducts in this wine cellar allowed for the quiet room the owners requested

A close-up of a wine cellar cooling system duct in the cellar at Deep Sea Newport


In the end, Arctic achieved what lesser refrigeration companies could not. Their years of experience with refrigeration equipment made this possible.

Set the Bar High

You’ve put a lot of thought into your home. The furniture, paint colors, artwork – each of these took time and thought to work out because each of these was a reflection of you.
Your wine cellar and its cooling system is no exception. Requesting that it be a sanctuary from noise is not asking too much. Go ahead and set the bar high with Arctic Metalworks.

They will meet and exceed your expectations.
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