The Ideal Size Refrigeration System in Installation of Residential Wine Cellar

A wine cellar should have a quality cooling unit installed. Arctic Metalworks provides the best wine cellar refrigeration equipment in California.

A wine cellar should have a quality cooling unit installed. Arctic Metalworks provides the best wine cellar refrigeration equipment in California.

An ideal residential wine storage system has to have a quality cooling equipment installed. Without one, the wines stored can easily go bad. We at Arctic Metalworks manufacture and supplies wine cellar refrigeration systems here in California. We also provide maintenance and repair services. Recently, a team from Arctic Metalworks responded to a service call from a customer complaining of a defective wine cellar cooling system. The team replaced the equipment with a quality refrigeration unit.

Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Replacement

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System - ARCTIC 0050 Evaporator Coil with Pump

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System – ARCTIC 0050 Evaporator Coil with Pump

This recently completed residential wine cellar refrigeration replacement project demonstrates the importance of installing a climate control system that suits the size of your wine storage space. The replacement project was worked on by our master technician team, touted as the refrigeration gurus of Southern California due to the high quality cooling products we provide, as well as our exceptional service.

Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Equipment

An actively cooled wine room requires proper climate control equipment. In order to maintain the best conditions for aging and storing wines over long periods of time, you need the help of an Orange County expert. There are three primary types of wine cellar refrigeration systems to choose from: self-contained cooling units, split climate control systems, and ducted refrigeration units.

A self-contained cooling unit is a through the wall type system, that is simply mounted on the wall and vents through an adjacent well-ventilated space. A split climate control system houses the evaporator and condenser separately, allowing flexibility in installation options, as well as providing efficient operation. Ducted refrigeration units make use of air ducts to circulate air into the wine cellar.

Choosing the Right Cooling Unit for Your Wine Cellar

Installing the right type of cooling unit for your residential wine cellar will ensure that the ideal temperature and humidity levels are consistently maintained. Hence, consulting an Orange County wine cellar refrigeration specialist is highly recommended. Refrigeration experts will conduct a heat load calculation to determine the cooling system that will work best for your wine storage space. They will also take into account several factors (the size of the room, the location of the wine cellar, etc.) to make sure that the proper refrigeration system is selected.

Initial Inspection of the Existing Cooling Unit

Arctic Metalworks received a call from the homeowner complaining that his Breezaire wine cellar cooling unit is venting hot air and noise into his house. Upon initial inspection, it was found that a breeze air style wine cellar refrigeration system was used to cool a fairly large wine cellar that measured 10 feet by 6 feet. The unit was blowing hot air into the living room, and making a lot of noise.

Replacement of the Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

The Arctic team here in Orange County suggested replacing the Breezaire wine cellar cooling unit with one of their Arctic 0050 ½ HP residential wine cellar refrigeration split systems. A split system is a type of cooling unit consisting of two parts: the evaporator coil and the condensing unit. The latter, being the noisy part of the refrigeration equipment, is installed outside or outdoors, while the former is placed inside the wine room. They are connected by electrical wiring and 1/4” x 3/8” copper tubing.

In order to prevent opening up the wall and removing the existing wine racking, the Arctic team drilled a hole in the upper part of the wall surface to the outdoors, and ran the line set from there. A line set cover made of sheet metal was used to conceal the material from view. Additionally, the sheet metal cover can be painted the same color as the house, thus creating a smooth and uniform appearance.

Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration Line Set

Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration Line Set

For this replacement project, our Arctic Metalworks technicians placed the condensing unit outdoors. Mounting the unit outdoors helps keep it cool at all times, since the unit tends to produce a great deal of heat. As the heart of the wine cellar refrigeration system, it is important to provide the condensing unit with a space that will allow it to breathe, preventing compressor failure and overheating.

The condensing part of the residential wine cellar refrigeration system sits on a 24 x 24 air conditioner pad. Condenser mounting pads are designed to keep the unit securely in place. To protect the equipment against outside elements, we provided a nice looking sheet metal cover.

We ran the entire cooling system on a 115 volt/20 amp outlets. The required 115 volt service was taken from a subpanel located outdoors. To complete their electrical connection, the Arctic team installed a 20 amp breaker and ran 3 feet of seal tight. All indoor and outdoor solder were made by Arctic Metalworks.

Added Feature to the Refrigeration System

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems with Cover

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems with Cover

Another added feature to the Orange County wine cellar refrigeration systems is an easy to use thermostat with lit digital display. The device is used to automatically regulate climate conditions inside a wine storage space. A digital display thermostat allows the client to monitor both room and set temperatures.

Since removing the old Breezaire wine cellar cooling unit and installing one of their Arctic 0050 split systems, the refrigeration system is now running smoothly and providing the wine cellar with just the right amount of cooling, ideal for storing and aging wines for a prolonged period of time.

Arctic Metalworks – Wine Cellar Cooling Equipment Manufacturer

We at Arctic Metalworks are the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality refrigeration systems for residential wine cellars here in Orange County. We are a family owned and operated business that specializes not only in top quality cooling products, but also in wine cellar construction and installation, as well as modular wine racking solutions.