Split Wine Cellar Cooling System Aliso Viejo – A Wine Cellar Design and Construction Project

A custom wine room must be carefully prepared and constructed, in order to provide the best climate conditions for aging and storing wines.  Maintaining a climate controlled wine storage environment and will best ensure optimum long-term storage of wines.  Proper wine cellar design and wine cellar construction involve installing insulation, a vapor barrier, and the right type of wine cellar climate control equipment.

A wine cellar refrigeration unit is considered to be the heart of proper wine storage.  The absence or lack of a proper cooling system in a wine cellar can lead to costly damage to your wine collection.  Wine cellar cooling system Aliso Viejo is engineered to help achieve and maintain the ideal storage environment.  Wine storage tips from wine experts recommend temperature levels between 50°F and 55°F, with a relative humidity of about 60%.

Arctic Metalworks Wine Cellar Cooling and Wine Cellar Construction

There are many kinds of wine cellar climate control systems to choose from.  The units are available in various cooling capacities, that can accommodate a wide range of cooling needs. They come in different types that can fit any wine cellar design.  Of all the wine cellar refrigeration units available, the quietest and most efficient way to cool a wine room is by installing a split wine cellar cooling system.

A split cooling system is divided into two parts: the evaporator unit and the condensing unit.  Housing the components separately not only provides multiple installation options, but also efficient cooling.  Splitting them apart also allows the noisiest part of the refrigeration equipment (the condensing unit) to be placed in a remote location.


Although the cooling unit can be installed in a well-ventilated room (e.g. utility room or garage), proper wine storage tips from wine cellar refrigeration experts recommend locating the unit outdoors, which will help keep the refrigeration equipment cool at all times.  In areas where the temperature can reach up to 95°, installing the condensing unit indoors (such as in the garage) may cause the unit to overheat, which can reduce its efficiency and cause expensive damage.

Arctic Metalworks recently completed a refrigeration replacement project in Aliso Viejo, California.  The Arctic team had to replace the existing split cooling unit with a split wine cellar cooling system Aliso Viejo.  The condensing part of the refrigeration equipment originally sat in the garage.  Due to the extremely high temperature inside the carport, the wine cellar climate control system overheated and conked out.

Wine Cellar Cooling Remedial Project - Aliso Viejo California

The Arctic team recommended relocating the existing condensing unit to the side yard.  The refrigeration specialists carefully prepped the area outdoors before moving said refrigeration component.  Fabricated angle mounts were affixed to the wall outside.

A line set is one of two ways to connect a split wine cellar cooling system.  It consists of two copper pipes (which function as a liquid line and suction line) and electrical wiring.  The other method is to use ducting kits to supply cool air into and remove warm air from the wine cellar space.

Relocating the Condensing unit - Wine Cellar Coolling Unit Aliso Viejo

After removing the condensing unit from its shelf in the garage, the Arctic team secured the refrigeration equipment to the angled wall brackets and covered it with a custom designed rain cover.  A hole approximately two inches in diameter was drilled through the sidewall, allowing the team to run the line set that connects the condensing unit to the evaporator unit (which is located inside the wine storage space).

Arctic Metalworks then recharged the split wine cellar cooling system with R134a refrigerant.  While testing the climate control system, the compressor was found to be damaged from overexposure to extremely high temperature levels inside the garage.  The Arctic team replaced the unit with a 1/3 hp Arctic 0033 condenser, that provided efficient and consistent cooling to the Aliso Viejo residential wine room.

Installing the Condensing Unit Outside - Wine Cellar Coolling System Aliso Viejo

Installing the Condensing Unit Outside – Wine Cellar Cooling System Aliso Viejo

The climate control system of a wine cellar requires an integrated approach to the design process, from the initial wine cellar design to the actual wine cellar construction.  This integrated approach allows wine cellar specialists to bring together the right components that will help create a wine enclave that is functional, stylish and efficient.

Consulting with a wine cellar refrigeration specialist is highly recommended when you are in the market for a wine cellar cooling system Aliso Viejo.  They will not only conduct a heat load calculation to determine the proper climate control system, but also provide wine storage tips that will allow the cooling unit to be consistent and efficient in its performance, thereby ensuring the preservation of your wine collection.

Arctic Metalworks is a SoCal-based refrigeration guru that specializes in manufacturing and installing wine cellar refrigeration systems.  This family owned business branched out and launched their own handcrafted wine rack making business, as well as wine cellar construction and renovation.  Their refrigeration products are top of the line and are backed by a team of refrigeration experts for maintenance, repair and service.