Building a Wine Cellar in Orange County: From Unremarkable to Extraordinary


So let me ask you a question.

You’ve decided you’re finally going to take the leap and add a wine cellar to your home – but do you know who is going to build it? Of course you know this is a very important question. The wine cellars being built these days are top of the line in all respects – the architecture, the materials, the design – and they absolutely need a top-notch builder who understands all the moving pieces.

If you’re not sure who to entrust with your project, we want to introduce you to a master-builder.

Arctic Metalworks and David Gype

David Gype of Arctic Metalworks has built cellar after cellar to the exact specifications of the owners. Why is he in such demand? His success can be attributed to the fact that he listens. He wants to know exactly what you want. And he’s definitely not interested in mediocre.

David knows every component that goes into a cellar’s construction and he will make sure that everything fits together just the way it should. With 40 years in this business, he has the credentials and the longevity to ensure that your wine cellar is a stand-out.

You Had Me At Hello?

You might be thinking that this sounds pretty great. You’ve got the space, you’ve got a vision and now you’ve got an exceptional builder – but let us give you an example of David’s work.

When Is a Space, Not Just a Space…?

Arctic Metalworks will build the wine cellar of your specification in your home

Building a wine cellar in this Aliso Viejo home was a labor of love for David and his Arctic Metalworks crew.

Answer – When an exceptional builder can see the potential.

The Aliso Viejo Project

David got a call from a couple in Aliso Viejo California. They had a space, but would it work?

They had definite ideas about what they wanted. They said, “cave look”, “stone floors”, “low lighting”.  So, David went out to evaluate. When he got there, he found a space that was a bit too small for the bottle count they had decided on, so he offered a creative solution. He suggested pushing the wall out into the garage. He had done this on other projects and it had worked well.

They accepted the compromise and the building began.


When You’re Building a Wine Cellar, You Are Creating a Completely New Space

In this case, it meant going in and first stripping all the drywall off the walls in the original 10 ft. by 12 ft. space. Then they took the garage wall down and added an extra 6 feet to the new space. Just this one move increased their bottle capacity by 2000.

Building a wine cellar is a creative process and no two cellars are the same. Click here to see another project!

Original walls stripped down to frame for the Aliso Viejo build

Next, they roughed in the electrical for the refrigeration and lighting needs. The owners wanted a classy beer tap in their wine cellar which meant installing the refrigeration for the tap inside the garage, so they ran the tap through the new garage wall, right into the new cellar.

With all the electric work done, a company came in and sprayed polyurethane foam. It turns out that this is the best way to insulate a wine cellar because it creates a super tight vapor seal and is the best insulation possible. Like we said, David doesn’t much care for mediocre.

When this was done, the new drywall went up and the evaporator coil was tucked away up on the ceiling.




This Orange County wine cellar by Arctic Metalworks uses the finest materials like spray foam insulation


The evaporator coil was mounted near the ceiling in an area of the cellar where it would hardly be noticed.



Building a Wine Cellar in Orange County Can Mean Outdoor Components – and Concerns

With the final steps being completed indoors, David turned his attention to the outdoor placement of the wine cellar condensing unit. Careful consideration was given both to the location and the foundation it was sitting on.

Choosing the proper location for the condenser is a key decision which must be made when building a wine cellar.

An unexpected glitch then turned up which made the installation interesting. One entire wall of the new cellar was east-facing – which meant that it got immediate sun in the morning which would add a noticeable amount of unwanted heat to the cellar.

Because of his vast experience, David understood the problem of heat transfer through different construction materials, and devised an immediate solution. He would fill that east wall with 4 inches of insulation instead of 2, and boosted the horse power to a 3/4 to maintain the 55-degree temperature needed for proper storage. Problem solved.






Almost There!

Back inside, a remarkable space was starting to emerge.

Arctic Metalworks creates one of a kind wine-cellars!

Wine racks, beer tap, flooring and frame in this new wine cellar in Orange County


The walls, floors and ceiling had been added to give that “cave” feeling the owners had wanted. The shelving (made of the finest wood of course) was up, and the personality of the room had appeared.


The final addition? Solid, tight fitting doors are always used on wine cellars to keep the interior climate separated from the rest of the home. To welcome visitors into “the cave” heavy wooden doors with glass centers were installed, offering the first glimpse of the wine cellar which stood behind them.

Once these doors were in place, the refrigeration equipment was turned on and the cellar was ready.

All that was needed now was for the wine collection to be placed in its new home.


The final touch when building a wine cellar - solid, tight-fitting doors.

This Orange County wine cellar by Arctic Metalworks was a custom wine cellar build






So Now You Know

Building a wine cellar in Orange County – or anywhere – is a thrilling undertaking. It can be built to house a thousand bottles of the best, or fifty bottles of your dreams.

Now you know that if you’re looking for “ambiance” – David will give you that.

Now you know, that if you’re looking to step out of the ordinary into a place which brings you pride – David’s work will give you that too.

Now you know that his know-how will mark your project as technically solid, and as wine cellars go – exceptional.

Now you know that calling Arctic Metalworks is the smartest step you can take!

Start building your wine cellar now!

Call David at (714) 888-5762!