Most Disastrous Mistakes Commonly Committed When Building a Wine Cellar

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Are you fond of collecting wine? If you are, you should invest in the construction of a custom wine cellar! You would expect that when you hire a builder to install a high-quality wine cellar in your home or business that they know what they’re doing. But too often we see absolutely awful mistakes that damage wine cellars and properties, sometimes requiring a total re-build of the wine cellar. Find out how you can avoid these common disastrous problems when constructing your dream wine cellar project in your home or business here in Southern California.

Constructing an Effective Custom Wine Storage System

A wine cellar is more than the average storage room. It is a structure built with the capacity to provide wines with the ideal environment for aging. An effective wine cellar can protect a wine collection from going bad. This is why when you want a residential or commercial wine cellar built, you need to hire a professional wine storage expert.

There are a lot of contractors out there with varying degrees of knowledge about constructing wine cellars. Although wine cellar specialists are the most reliable builders of wine storage structures, there are times when even they make mistakes with wine rooms.

It’s important that you are aware of the most common mistakes when building a cellar, so that you can be proactive during the construction of your storage room. And it’s important to consult with a company that has been advising wine dealers for many years on how to refrigerate wine.

Here are a few of the common mistakes in the construction of wine cellars:

Have a beautiful wine storage structure built in your own home! Contact us HERE!1. Improper Insulation

Proper insulation is a vital element in creating an effective wine storage system. It ensures that the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar are kept at the ideal levels, so that your wine collection can age at the appropriate pace.

2. Inadequate Vapor Barrier

There are some wine cellar builders that take for granted the importance of a good vapor barrier. Just like proper insulation, the application of an adequate vapor barrier is important because it helps maintain the climate conditions in a wine cellar at the ideal levels.

3. Wrong Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

 A wine cellar is useless if a cooling unit is not installed. But it’s not enough to mount just any cooling equipment. Instead, it has to be the appropriate unit that can meet the storage requirements of the wine cellar. Many wine storage experts make the mistake of choosing the wrong refrigeration system for a wine cellar. It is important that the heat load of a residential wine storage structure is calculated properly, so that the right refrigeration unit is installed.

Have an Effective Wine Cellar Built

Now that you know the common mistakes in wine cellar construction, you’re aware of what to pay attention to when you hire a wine storage builder. You should talk a custom wine cellar contractor and cooling expert to help you determine the appropriate cellar refrigeration unit for your wine room.