Red Wines – Proper Wine Storage with the Help of Arctic Metalworks

Precious Red Wine

Precious Red Wine

Red wine is type of wine made from the black grape variety. Its actual color ranges from violet, which is common in young wines, to brick red, which is typical in a mature wine, and through brown, for red wines that are basically older.  Its production is through the extraction of flavor and color from the grape skin where its red color came from — the presence of the anthocyanin pigment.

Proper wine storage is a significant factor in wine collection because it can affect the quality of your wine especially red. Storage temperature is among the main factors, in addition to where your wines are stored and how they are stored. Certain red wines get better with time and are even stored for years. So, here are a few general ideas to help you keep the quality of your wine for a long time.


  • Red wines are damaged at high temperatures (above 90F) like when it is left in a car after buying it at a store.
  • Red wines are best stored in a cool and dark wine cellar with humidity level of not less than 65 but not more than 75%.  This will give your red wines the best environment for aging. Conversely, you can have it kept in a refrigerator specifically for reds only so that the temperature can be easily regulated and kept at around 50-60F for your wine to age well.
Maintaining  Ideal Temperature

Maintaining Ideal Temperature

  •  Red wines get damaged with sudden temperature change, like, when you move them quickly into another room with a significant difference in temperature to that of your storage room.  Avoid moving your wines from a hot to a cold place too quickly (e.i. from your car to your wine cellar).  Give it some time to cool before finally storing it to avoid any damages.
  •  It is best to store your wines at temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees F because if you store it in a warmer setting, your wine will age faster thereby allowing your reds to bring out the beauty of its complexity.  On the other hand, storing the reds in a lower temperature setting slow the process of aging which means that they will need more time before they are ready.
  • When it comes to temperature, Arctic Metalworks has options for you to choose from with prices that range from $2,800 to $3,000 depending on your custom wine cellar size and cooling needs. These refrigeration systems are split-type, which gives you the convenience of having a peaceful and quiet storage for your wines.


Custom Wine Cellar Lighting

Custom Wine Cellar Lighting

  • Make sure that your red wine collection is not directly hit by sunlight.

You should place shades that you can pull if the sun hits your bottles.

  •  Wines, not just reds, change flavor if they are directly exposed to the sun because of the increased temperature.

 Bottle Position

  • Store the bottles on their sides to make sure that the corks do not dry out.  This position allows your wine to age better compared to bottles stored upright.  Also, you need to recheck your wines from time to time – it should be on its side and that the cork is not drying out.
  • Wine Storage - Proper Position

    Wine Storage – Proper Bottle Position

    Lastly, make sure that your wine collection is in a place with very less mobility and minimal need of moving your bottles around.  If you store your collection in your custom wine cellar, make sure that the storage or rack is stable and does not wobble or shake, so the storage unit must be on a stable and flat ground.  If your storage rack is steady but it stand on an uneven ground or an unstable surface, it will affect the aging of your wines because costant movement in the storage area will damage them.

  •  Hence, you need to find and install a solid and stable wine storage rack plus an efficient wine  cellar refrigeration system to ensure that your precious collection will not be disturbed.


Arctic Metalworks is one of the best manufacturers and providers of wine cellar refrigeration systems at an affordable price.  Arctic also offers custom wine cellar construction services, and other wine cellar innovations for your wine  storage.  This family-owned wine cellar refrigeration business uses only the best wine cellar refrigeration systems with the highest efficiency because they know how to incorporate the latest technology in the wine industry.

With the company’s “service first” policy, you are sure to receive the most reliable, knowledgeable, prompt and professional service from their wine cellar innovations specialists and get the most out of your budget.

Contact Arctic Metalworks now for inquiries about wine cellar refrigeration systems installation, wine cellar construction, and other wine cellar building concerns.

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