HVAC – Arctic Metalworks’ HVAC Services for Climate Controlled Wine Cellars

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which are interrelated.  It is a technology that is based on the principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics.

HVAC is an integral part of the design of offices, industrial buildings, and storage facilities, wherein secure and controlled environmental conditions must be maintained.  One or more HVAC systems are integrated for modern and large buildings.

The components of HVAC Systems were developed during the industrial revolution.  Innovation, improved efficiency, and system controls were continuously presented all over the world.  Providing thermal comfort and quality indoor air is the most vital goal in the HVAC process.  This is met by ensuring proper installation, normal operation, and regular maintenance.

The three main functions of HVAC are:

  • Provide ventilation
  • Reduce air infiltration
  • Maintain pressure between spaces

 HVAC Services for Climate Controlled Wine Cellars

Temperature and humidity are the two most important factors in the HVAC process.  For climate controlled wine cellars, HVAC installation is a must.  HVAC services are commonly sought by wine cellar owners and wine cellar builders, to ensure proper wine cellar storage conditions.

Arctic Metalworks is a wine cellar refrigeration expert that offers wine cellar cooling systems and HVAC services.  The equipment used by Arctic for heating and air conditioning is Goodman branded.  This brand is known for high industry standards, affordability, and the best product warranties.

Arctic provides the finest HVAC professionals, who install and perform maintenance services for the heating and cooling equipment.  The HVAC services that Arctic offers include both residential and commercial applications.  They have fully equipped trucks that carry the most commonly used repair tools to render faster service.

Arctic Metalworks is a fully licensed California State contractor and HVAC company.  The wine cellar refrigeration and HVAC services they offer are applicable for the following list of equipment or storage facilities:

  • Wine cellars
  • Wineries
  • Walk ins
  • Reach ins
  • Beer boxes
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Chillers
  • Coolers
  • Ice machines
  • Display cases
  • Preparation tables
  • Auto visual equipment rooms
  • Scientific cascade cryogenics

 Wine Cellars and Wineries – Why the Need for HVAC Services

Wine cellar refrigeration equipment is considered a critical component in wine cellars.  Wines need a climate controlled environment, conducive for optimum wine aging; and since bottled wines are stored for a long period of time, stable temperature and humidity levels should be maintained.

Wineries have a storage area where wines in barrels are kept in suitable climate conditions, to promote the enhancement of wine’s flavour and aroma.  Most wineries have cooling systems installed in the storage room, to meet the required wine storage conditions.

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